A guide to a nice development environment on GNU/Linux with Debian based CrunchBang.

desktop screenshot

For the last few months I’ve been using CrunchBang, a Debian based Linux/GNU distribution. CrunchBang uses the no-frills OpenBox window manager and being Debain it uses apt-get for package management.

I’m running Crunch on a newish laptop with a SSD harddrive. It boots in a matter of seconds.


Fish shell, with oh-my-fish.

Solarized color theme for Terminaor and Vim


My dotfiles, inc. tmux.conf, conkyrc


  • Turned off borders. Without borders the window can be resized and moved by holding Alt + Right/Left mouse button.
  • font, Inconsolata-dz 10

A wallpaper from Deviant Art.